About Us & Activities

Our Vision

To have a nation that is free from abuse, crime, deprivation, ignorance and poverty.

Our Mission

We are committed to making a positive difference in the lives of the children, women and the elderly in the Saldhana Bay Municipal area who are living with abuse, crime, alcohol/drug addiction, poverty and unemployment just to list a few. We believe that effectively engaging the aforementioned groups of people in productive activities will enhance both their current and future lives.

Our Purpose

Sacrod Projects NPC (“Sacrod Projects”), is a non-profit company registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (“CIPC”) and the Department of Social Development in South Africa. Sacrod Projects has been to date privately funded by British/South African duo, Fraser and Vallerie Murphy, who see the need for creating opportunities for the youth, women and elderly in the local communities through feeding, counseling, education, restoration and development programs so the every individual can lead a life that is self-sustaining. Sacrod Projects is making a huge impact within the local community of Langebaan on Cape Towns’ West Coast.

Achieving Our Purpose

In order to address the evident needs of those that are less fortunate in the different communities within South Africa, Sacrod Projects will focus on the youth, women and the elderly by engaging them in activities that will ultimately benefit them including but not limited to:

  • Providing nutritional meals;
  • Conducting educational programs;
  • Discovering and enhancing individual talents;
  • Community Support for abuse, addiction and social development;
  • Develop self-sustaining adult programs creating employment opportunities and
  • Building a safe, social community support centre accessible to those less privileged in the community.